Maple Crest Homes is owned and operated by builder Peter Serrani. He created the company in the region in 1992 and has built its reputation house by house.

It’s been relayed many times in the last 25 years, that when a perspective buyer meets Peter Serrani for the first time, a sudden infusion of serenity and excitement comes upon them.

Tremendously adept at sensing one’s needs and desires when it comes to the largest purchase many ever make.  Peter is able to, break down the entire process, which at times can be quite daunting and overwhelming, into a scenario that can be enjoyed from beginning to completion. His home designs, and attention to detail on the exterior finishes, coupled with common sense approaches to interior layout and use of natural light, leave buyers with a collective sigh of relief.

As a past president of the Hamilton Halton Home builders Association, Peter was involved in legislative process that continues to benefit many new home buyers to this day, especially those related to energy-efficiency and proper concerns for the environment we all live in.
One of the redeeming aspects he brings to his company, is loyalty. The core group of skilled trades and suppliers that Maple Crest Homes utilizes, have been working alongside him since he founded the company in 1992. Those relationships fuse together to provide a home that is built with quality material up to a standard that everyone involved can be proud of.
“I love building homes” Peter is so often heard saying, and it’s easy to see that sentiment seam its way from the bottom, up its way to the top in every Maple Crest project.

“Our Commitment “
Peter Serrani
Maple Crest Homes